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Variety Access Australia

About Variety Access

Increasing negotiating strength, competitiveness and profitability

What we do:

By providing intellectual property that increases negotiating strength, competitiveness and profitability, we strengthen the position of horticultural growers. We also offer national and international breeders of selected varieties and developers of horticultural IP, an experienced, innovative and trustworthy vehicle for national and international commercialisation. Most importantly, we provide innovative models and branding strategies for marketing these fruit varieties worldwide.



The added value:

Variety Access selects new varieties from both Australia and overseas which are new and innovative for Australia Industries. Australia is currently well behind in the adaptation of new fruit varieties compared to other developed countries around the World

The Australian markets are looking for new superior selections of fruits that can replace older obsolete varieties, and extend the current season with earlier and later maturing varieties.

For Australia to be competitive in both the Australian and World markets they will need to supply high value fruit varieties that the consumer demands. Seedless, easy to peel, good eating qualities and high quality fruit is a requirement to stay competitive in these markets.

The control and marketing of these new protected varieties is also new and innovative. Variety Access is at the forefront of the adaption of rolling out these new professional platforms to commercialise these new varieties both in Australia and around the World.

We want to create a vibrant Australian horticultural industry with new industries that target the growing markets of China , India and other Far East countries. At the same time, we’d like to see horticultural industries that fulfill a Northern Hemisphere alternate season demand.

Essentially, we want to transform horticulture in Australia by growing the pie – establishing this country as a hub of horticultural innovation and expertise.


Established in 2001 by Wayne Parr and holds the rights to manage and commercialise a range of new Australian and International varieties.

Variety Access Pty Ltd has gained a reputation and strong working relationships with a number of International and Australian breeders and variety owners

The Variety Access Team is passionate about varieties and keen to innovate in the agricultural arena. This combination of experience and International and local regional knowledge is the foundation for good decision-making and good business in the area of variety management.

Variety Access Australia

Variety Access Australia
(Part of the BIOGOLD Group)
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