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Variety Access Australia



Alpha Valencia


Alpha Valencia Orange

Turkey Valencia


Benny Valencia


Benny, early maturing Valencia Orange

Gusocora Valencia


G5 mid maturing Valencia

Lavalle Valencia


Limpopo Valencia


McLean (SL) Valencia


The McClean SL valencia was chosen exclusively for its seedlessness, good production and fruit size in comparison with the Olinda valencia.

Ruby Valencia


The Ruby Late valencia was chosen exclusively for its internal red colouring in comparison to the Olinda valencia.



Glen Ora Late


The Glen Ora late navel was excusively selected for its late ripening time – compared to the Palmer navel, good fruit size, high internal fruit quality and production, firm fruit that can hang late and small secondary navel end.

Kirkwood Red


Kirkwood Red is a novel, high-quality citrus variety that can be differentiated by the trade and identified by the consumer due to its external blush, dark red internal pigment and exceptional taste.



The Witkrans late navel was chosen exclusively for its late ripening time, good fruit size, good internal fruit quality, high fruit production, firm fruit and smooth peel.

FJ Early

Brown Skin

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